Exquisite golden finish bracelet set, combining diverse designs for a harmonious look.
Versatile Quartet Harmony Bracelet Set perfect for mixing and matching or layered style.
Durable and chic aluminum and iron bracelets with a luxurious golden hue.
Assorted bracelet styles from robust chains to elegant clasps in the Quartet Harmony Set.
Elevate your fashion ensemble with the Quartet Harmony Bracelet Set, where elegance meets versatility.
A Symphony of Style

A Symphony of Style

Sale price$59.00
Pattern:Style 1
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Discover the Quartet Harmony Bracelet Set, where four unique pieces unite to create a symphony of style on your wrist. This curated collection combines the industrial chic of aluminum and iron with a radiant golden finish, offering a variety of textures and designs that can be mixed, matched, or worn together for a layered look.

  • Size:As shown in the image.
  • Materials:Crafted from durable aluminum and iron, each bracelet in this set boasts a golden hue, blending strength with elegance.

This set features four distinct designs: a robust chain-link, a refined twist, a classic bangle, and a statement clasp piece, each offering its own character and flair.