A harmonious blend of velvety black leather and pristine 925 sterling silver, ready to elevate every ensemble.
Is a visual and tactile delight, where the comfort of genuine black leather complements the radiant glow of sterling silver, creating a balanced masterpiece of style.
Is more than an accessory; it's a statement of balanced elegance, where the rustic allure of black leather seamlessly blends with the contemporary brilliance of 925 sterling silver.
Silver Laced Noir Bracelet, a creation that not only complements but completes your outfit, embodying a seamless fusion of classic and modern charm.
Explore elegance with the 'Silver Laced Noir Bracelet,' a fusion of black leather and 925 sterling silver.

Black Leather Rope

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Dive into elegance with our "Silver Laced Noir Bracelet". This creation seamlessly blends the velvety allure of black leather with the pristine shimmer of 925 sterling silver.

  • Size: Length 7 inches.
  • The tactile comfort of genuine black leather meets the radiant glow of 925 sterling silver, creating a bracelet that's both visually arresting and comfortable.
  • Our "Silver Laced Noir Bracelet" is a masterpiece of balance—where rustic charm and sophisticated brilliance coexist. It's an accessory that doesn’t just complement an outfit; it completes it.

Elevate every moment with the fusion of classic and contemporary in the "Silver Laced Noir Bracelet".