Step into a world of timeless fashion with these earrings, featuring dark gemstones amidst golden botanicals.
Embrace a touch of nature's elegance with these vintage-style earrings, perfect for adding a sophisticated flair to any outfit.
These earrings, adorned with fruit and flower motifs, offer a wearable piece of art for those with an eye for classical beauty.
Combine the allure of antique jewelry with the boldness of black gemstones with these striking clip-on earrings.
Capture the essence of a bygone era with these golden earrings, a blend of botanical shapes and lustrous stones.

Botanical Earrings

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Colour:White Pearl
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Infuse your style with the charm of yesteryears with these Vintage Botanical Motif Clip-On Earrings. Delicately crafted, they display a rich tapestry of nature's splendor through their floral and fruity designs, set against a classic gold-tone backdrop.
  • Size:As depicted in the image
  • Forged from a robust metal alloy with an antique gold finish, these earrings are adorned with polished black gemstones. Each piece is a harmonious blend of metalwork and gemstone, reflecting a classic yet bold aesthetic.
  • Our Vintage Botanical Motif Clip-On Earrings are an homage to the intricate designs of the past. The black gemstones provide a striking contrast, while the metal's twist mimics the finesse of handcrafted jewelry. Their clip-on backs ensure accessibility for all fashion enthusiasts
These earrings are designed for those who appreciate the grandeur of antique design and the storytelling of vintage accessories. They are bound to become a conversation piece in any setting.