Start your week with clarity and intention with the cyan agate and gold-plated bracelet.
Channel the subtle whisper of wisdom and clarity every 'Monday' with this unique agate accessory.
For the modern communicator, this bracelet combines style with a statement of intent for
Elegance meets eloquence in this beautifully crafted bracelet, perfect for those Monday morning meetings.

Monday bracelet

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'Monday' bracelet is a celebration of the wearer's aspiration for clarity and wisdom. The adjustable design guarantees a perfect fit, making it a practical and symbolic accessory for daily wear. It's a talisman for the eloquent, the thinkers, and the communicators.

  • Size:Adjustable from 6 to 8 inches, this bracelet comfortably fits a range of wrist sizes.
  • The bracelet pairs the serene beauty of cyan agate, known for its communication-enhancing properties, with the timeless elegance of 18K gold plating. Each bead is carefully chosen for its vibrant color, creating a perfect harmony with the warm tones of the gold.

Wearing Suggestions:

  • Wear the 'Monday' bracelet at the start of the workweek as a constant reminder to harness the energy of effective communication and the wisdom to face challenges.
  • Pair it with light or neutral-toned outfits to emphasize the crisp and lucid qualities of the cyan agate.