Adorn your hand with the Crimson Elegance Enamel Ring, where opulence meets bold design.
The Crimson Elegance Enamel Ring makes a definitive style statement with its stunning wide-band and deep red hue.
Chic redefined: the Crimson Elegance Enamel Ring blends 18k gold with fiery enamel for unmatched sophistication.
Discover the blend of artistry and elegance in the timeless Crimson Elegance Enamel Ring.
The Crimson Elegance Enamel Ring is the ultimate expression of classic elegance with a modern edge.

Red enamel ring

Sale price$175.00
Size:US 6
Colour:Red enamel ring
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The Crimson Elegance Enamel Ring is a captivating piece that merges classical charm with contemporary flair, showcasing a lustrous 18k gold plating against a deep red enamel backdrop.

  • Size: Ring face width of approximately 0.5 inches
  • Material: A luxurious blend of fine 18k gold plating and high-grade crimson enamel that promises lasting brilliance and durability.

This exquisite ring features a traditional enamel technique infused with modern aesthetics to make a bold fashion statement. Its distinctive wide-band design speaks of a bold elegance, while the golden interior offers a warm luster and a comfortable embrace against the skin.