Elegant Seashore Serenity Necklace, inspired by natural stones and tranquility.
Close-up view of the 'Seashore Serenity Necklace,' showcasing the natural stone beads and pendant.
Meticulously crafted necklace adorned with natural stone beads, evoking the beauty of nature.

Seashore Serenity Necklace

Sale price$167.00
Colour:Gold - Two piece necklace
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Discover the tranquil charm of our "Seashore Serenity Necklace," a creation inspired by the warmth, self-healing, and freedom of natural stone beaded necklaces. Picture yourself under the lazy sea breeze, surrounded by the hues of twilight and the deep blue sea.

  • Size: Chain Length: Approximately 9 inches. Outer Chain Length: Approximately 6 inches. Pendant Diameter: 0.4 inches.
  • This necklace is composed of natural stone beads that evoke feelings of serenity, providing a sense of self-healing and freedom.
  • The "Seashore Serenity Necklace" captures the essence of nature, offering a serene, peaceful, and free-spirited aura. Each natural stone bead embodies the tranquility of a seaside sunset, where you can immerse yourself in the serenity of twilight and the beauty of the ocean.

Experience the Beauty of Nature with the "Seashore Serenity Necklace."