Crafted for the ambitious, this bracelet serves as a reminder of your goals and the golden opportunities ahead.
The Tuesday Gold Gleam Bracelet is your talisman for attracting wealth and exuding confidence in every handshake.
A seamless blend of fashion and fortune, this bracelet is your golden touch for prosperity.
Symbolizing the bright energy of Tuesdays, the bracelet enhances both your style and your financial intuition.
Whether closing deals or socializing after hours, the Gold Gleam Bracelet is your accessory for success.

Tuesday bracelet

Sale price$180.00
Dimension:6 Inches
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Our Tuesday Gold Gleam Bracelet is a testament to sophistication and prosperity, reflecting a commitment to luxury and success. The lustrous gold plating is chosen to resonate with the themes of happiness and wealth, making it as versatile for a day at the office as it is for an evening out.

  • Size:6、7、7.6、8.6
  • Material:18k Gold Plated. 

Dress suggestions:

  • Suitable for: business meetings, financial planning
  • Suggested dress: Pair it with business or casual attire, emphasizing gold as a statement piece.